Check out what a few students had to say about our lessons & courses…

Kay said,

This course can give a greater understanding of how to
navigate around the screen and locate where the basics
are. The tool section of the course shows many hidden
items and how or what they can do. The Cheat sheets
are great for a quick reference.

Megan said,

I didn’t know you could change all the colors of guides,
etc. And the “tab” key you’re right, who knew? Not this
girl!  Everything you need to know to set up and get
started with PSE! I highly recommend this course!


Karen said,

I always wondered what the tolerance slider was for &
what the difference between contiguous and anti-aliasing.
Now I know to look at those when selecting areas. How to
use the Marquee tool to make a square or circle is also
new to me. Using the bounding box to zoom in and then
open the original is also new to me. Great class!

CalGirl said,

I had no idea that you could move the rotation point. Thank you for the information.

Peggy S said,

Amazing how there is always something new to learn or re-learn. Love this, especially for things like the knot example. Thank you!