PSE4DS-The Basics and Beyond

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The Basics and Beyond course is all about digital scrapbooking. We maintain our step by step approach by teaching the basics first. Each subsequent lesson builds on the skills learned in the previous lessons. Once you’re confident with the basics you can start to expand your skill set and learn more advanced techniques.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn…

  • How to create layouts using layered templates
  • How to create new layouts from scratch
  • How to use Pocket & Droplet style layered templates
  • Downloading, unzipping, storing supplies
  • Saving to print and to share
  • All about the different types of layers
  • Working with layers (moving, adding, editing, grouping, deleting, etc)
  • The best way to add photos, papers, and dimensional elements to your layout
  • Smart objects-what they are and why to use them
  • A Deep Dive into the Type Tool
  • Title work using the Type Tool and Alphas
  • How to easily cut alphas from a sheet
  • Weaving ribbon through alphas
  • Using Masks & Blend Modes
  • How to make cutouts
  • How to create a Quickpage
  • How to create a 2-page spreads

Plus! In addition to everything you’re going to learn, you’ll also receive free supplies and other goodies, such as…

  • Layered Templates
  • Pocket Templates
  • Droplet Templates
  • Digital Scrapbook kits
  • Styles
  • Cheat sheets
  • Resource lists

This is the course that will transform you from beginner to a confident digital scrapper creating extraordinary layouts. Apply yourself and you will be surprised at how quickly you will progress. Let’s face it when your “homework” is scrapping it’s called fun not work!