Photoshop Elements Primer Course

photoshop elements primer course

It's been in the works for a while but after many setbacks the Photoshop Elements for Digital Scrapbookers Primer online course is ready.  The Primer course teaches you about the software used for digital scrapbooking.  Then The Basics and Beyond course focuses on scrapbooking and takes you from beginner to savvy digi-scrapper.  To find out … Continue reading Photoshop Elements Primer Course

Creativity-Genius, Madness, Gift, or Purposeful Practice?

Creativity.  It's an interesting subject.  I received a newsletter from Anna, a digital designer, recently that broached the subject.  She had read a book by Allen Gannett called The Creative Curve.  Here are a few of the ideas she pointed out. and I've paraphrased.  Creativity is not magic and the more we immerse ourselves in … Continue reading Creativity-Genius, Madness, Gift, or Purposeful Practice?