How to Bypass Photoshop Elements 2019 Home Screen

In our Photoshop Elements for Digital Scrapbookers Primer course, I showed you how to bypass the Welcome Screen and always go directly to the Photo Editor on startup.   If you took the course, you know how to use the settings icon on the Welcome Screen in PSE 2018 and prior versions to always launch Photo … Continue reading How to Bypass Photoshop Elements 2019 Home Screen

Block Style Showcases Papers

Sometimes when I get a new kit I immediately fall in love with all the pretty papers.  It makes it so hard to narrow down which papers to use.  Personally, I like to use a style that showcases the many beautiful papers rather than figure out which papers NOT to use.   Traditional Block Style … Continue reading Block Style Showcases Papers

Feeling Frustrated or a Little Desperate?


I remember the first time I opened Photoshop Elements. I thought I'd never figure it out.  The only thing that looked familiar was the menu bar across the top.  I mean we're all familiar with that because all programs have a menu bar, right?  But everything else was totally foreign to me.  I had been … Continue reading Feeling Frustrated or a Little Desperate?

Have You Been on the Fence?

If you've been on the fence about enrolling in The Basics and Beyond course, maybe this Cyber Monday Sale will give you some motivation.  It only lasts 24 hours, so act quickly and save $50.  Here are the deets...     I was recently asked... Which version of Photoshop Elements are you using in the … Continue reading Have You Been on the Fence?

6 Ways to Make Time for What’s Important to You


One of the excuses I hear a lot is, "I just don't have enough time for digital scrapbooking"!  Really?  Here's a quote from Marie Forleo that I know is true, "If it's important to you, you'll make the time.  If it's not, you'll make an excuse."  It's true in my life and I know it's … Continue reading 6 Ways to Make Time for What’s Important to You

What Do You Need to Scrap Digi-Style?


You may wonder what is needed to learn to scrap digi-style?  You're not alone.  A lot of people don't understand exactly what digital scrapbooking is or how to do it.  They may see a really cool layout posted on Facebook or that you've printed and ask how you did it.  When you explain it's digital … Continue reading What Do You Need to Scrap Digi-Style?

Stop Waiting, Start Creating!


Stop waiting for the stars to align or until you gather enough tutorials to finally figure out how to start creating digital scrapbook pages.  I've got your back.   I was in the same place once. I was fascinated with learning digital scrapbooking.  I remember hearing people talking in Facebook groups and forums and in some … Continue reading Stop Waiting, Start Creating!